About Us

•    17 years on the road
•    Production and packing location: Santa Maria de Jetibá, Espírito Santo, Brazil
•    First Brazilian exporter specialized on ginger root
•    First Brazilian ginger grower and exporter with US branch
•    Well-structured packing house on site
•    Main markets: USA and Europe
•    More than 200 associated growers 
•    Season: April to July ( By air)    /   July to December      ( By boat)
•    Volume capacity: 320 Tons/ month (16 containers)
•    Standard packing: 30 Lbs boxes/ 60 boxes per pallet / 24 pallets per container
•    US Distribution: Miami, New Jersey and Los Angeles


We are a Brazilian family company focused on growing, packing, exporting and distribution of fresh ginger root. Distinguished by our high quality and international standards applied to our whole process, technical assistance for growers, harvest, packing, logistics and distribution.

Our US branch is always ready and pleased to offer for customers  the best price, quality assurance and logistics.

You are very welcome and we do appreciate your business and partnership. 

About Ginger Root

GINGER is an Asiatic plant native to Java Island, India and China.

Ginger is an herbaceous from  Zingiberaceae family. Its known in Europe since The Crusades, when it was introduced in the area.  In Brazil, ginger arrived less than a century after the Discovery.  Naturalists that visited the country (colony in those times) found that it was a native plant, because it was easy to find in wild stage.

​Nowadays its cultivated manly in the coast  of Espirito Santo, Santa Catarina, Paraná and in the South of São Paulo, because of the appropriated soil conditions. The plant can be more than 1,0 m. high. The green leaves born from the big hard subterranean stem and its flowers are tubular shaped, light yellow color,  they arise like straight thorns.